Sunday, September 4, 2016

Office Makeup: Like an Actual Boss

Whenever I spend too much time at the gym in the morning and need to be in my office before 8 to look like I actually care...I do my makeup at my desk because I have my own office with a locking door and no windows. I have picked up a few items that help me slap on a more "natural" look with minimal effort and hauling around the least amount of crap as possible. This all starts with my Urban Decay Naked on the Run palette.
I picked this up on sale a holiday season or two ago for travel purposes. Despite its impressive size and contents, this isn't quite the ultimate solution. Essentials that I am personally missing are an eyeshadow primer (for my oily oily lids) and some kind of foundation/BB cream (for days when I sort of care). The UD Perversion mascara is already my personal favorite. I can even use the eyeshadow shade the second from the right to fill in my brows. Which brings me to the next thing I have to haul around with me.

My $7 brush roll from BH Cosmetics. Oh man is this thing cheap. Literally. While I love the roll itself, the brushes are uber synthetic cheapo quality. But I can make it work for the convenience and price. I am hoping that once their new-ness wears down a bit the fibers will actually start to pick up product instead of kicking it around the pan so much. This was the best small set I could find among BH Cosmetics' ample offerings, but I do wish it had one less shadow brush and perhaps a spoolie instead.