Sunday, November 27, 2016

Monday, October 17, 2016

August/September Empties

I finished up a whole bunch of stuff in August and September!
Here is everything in it's emptied glory. Not pictured: a few foil packets that I used up on my holiday to the UK. I didn't bother to haul the garbage back stateside with me.

First up, some hygiene stuff:
Dove Go Fresh Revitalize Body Wash
Origin: Allure quarterly beauty box
Price: I did not pay full price for this, you can get two for $9.99 on Amazon
Opinion: This body wash was decent and the scent was citrusy and neutral enough that my husband could also get in on it. It was full size so it lasted for quite a while.
Repurchase?: Probably not, but nothing against the product itself. I have ADD with shower essentials and there is much more out there to try. 

Yes to Cucumbers Face Towellettes Travel Wipes:
Origin: Husband picked these up at Walgreens or somewhere while we were traveling.
Price: $3.19 at Walgreen's
Opinion: I am a face wipe junkie due to my laziness with washing my face or properly removing my makeup. The Yes To brand is always welcome in my household.
Repurchase?: I am sure it will happen eventually. I rotate face wipe products and this was a nice travel size I am sure I will pick up again at some point.

Dove Deoderant
Origin: Costco
Price: You can get four sticks of a similar product for $13.49
Opinion: This deoderant is effective and has a nice light, clean scent.
Repurchase?: No, only because I bought a multipack at Costco and I am in no danger of running out any time soon. Plus, as with most Costco purchases, by the time I run out and need more, there will be something totally new available.

Next, some makeup type stuff:

Dr. Brandt Pores No More Refiner Primer
Origin: Birchbox Shop (purchased with points)
Price: $45 at Ulta (ouch)
Opinion: I liked my sample of this enough to purchase a full size with points. However, I tired of it quickly and allowed for it to get old and crappy.
Repurchase?: No. There are plenty of similar products out there for a lot less money.

Some Crappy No Name Concealer
Origin: Glossybox?
Price: Don't care
Opinion: This was garbage. It came broken and only continued to get worse from there. It was also greasy, chalky, and immediately settled into my fledgling eye wrinkles.
Repurchase?: Hell to the no.

Mirabella Primer
Origin: Glossybox?
Price: $29 on Mirabella's website
Opinion: This primer was fine until it started to separate.
Repurchase?: No. About half of it went to waste when it separated into oil and gross clumps.

And now some face stuff:

Rimmel Eye Makeup Remover:
Origin: Most likely Target
Price: $3.99 at Target
Opinion: My mom got me hooked on probably a decade ago. It gently and effectively removes even stubborn eye makeup without being greasy.
Repurchase?: Over and over again. I already opened a new one.

Pixi by Petra Glow Tonic
Origin: Target
Price: $15 at Target
Opinion: I am hooked on this! It tames my oily skin and helps control patchiness.
Repurchase?: I am already well into another bottle!
Mullein & Sparrow Facial Mask
Origin: Glossybox
Price: $15 for a measly 1 oz

Opinion: This loose clay face mask was fun and very gentle on my face. It helped tame my oily complexion without being too harsh. And the packaging was beautiful!
Repurchase?: No, it is kind of pricey (for the size) compared to what I normally like to spend on masks. It would make a gorgeous gift though!

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Hydrating Serum
Origin: some subscription box
Price: $26 for 1 oz at Sephora
Opinion: I expect way too much from my serums, and this was just okay. I am yet to locate my "holy grail" serum.
Repurchase?: Meh, probably not. It's pretty expensive and it didn't "wow" me. This brand is growing on me though. 

Some random natural serum
Origin: Some eco beauty box
Price: Who knows? 
Opinion: This was just kind of there
Repurchase?: Even I wasn't too lazy to track it down, no. Didn't do much for me.  

Finally, hair stuff:

Oscar Blandi Dry Styling Heat Protect Spray
Price: I can't find this in stock right now
Origin: some kind of subscription box
Opinion: This was a lifesaver for my second job! It really perked up my hair after being smash in a hard hat all day. All I did was spray in onto my dry roots and fluff with my fingers or use the blow dryer for a few minutes. It smelled pretty good too!
Repurchase?: I'm not sure if I am able to now!

Davines Hair Oil
Origin: some kind of subscription box
Price: Full size 4 oz is $44
Opinion: This was a very lovely lighter hair oil. It didn't not feel overly greasy and it had a nice scent.
Repurchase?: I have loved all Davines samples I have ever gotten. They really work miracles on my hair. I would love to have enough money to stock my bathroom with them some day. Currently, I can get by with cheaper hair products thanks to the super soft water in my home. Also, holy BALLS is this expensive!

That is it for now! Let me know if you have tried any of these and have different opinions.

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Office Makeup: Like an Actual Boss

Whenever I spend too much time at the gym in the morning and need to be in my office before 8 to look like I actually care...I do my makeup at my desk because I have my own office with a locking door and no windows. I have picked up a few items that help me slap on a more "natural" look with minimal effort and hauling around the least amount of crap as possible. This all starts with my Urban Decay Naked on the Run palette.
I picked this up on sale a holiday season or two ago for travel purposes. Despite its impressive size and contents, this isn't quite the ultimate solution. Essentials that I am personally missing are an eyeshadow primer (for my oily oily lids) and some kind of foundation/BB cream (for days when I sort of care). The UD Perversion mascara is already my personal favorite. I can even use the eyeshadow shade the second from the right to fill in my brows. Which brings me to the next thing I have to haul around with me.

My $7 brush roll from BH Cosmetics. Oh man is this thing cheap. Literally. While I love the roll itself, the brushes are uber synthetic cheapo quality. But I can make it work for the convenience and price. I am hoping that once their new-ness wears down a bit the fibers will actually start to pick up product instead of kicking it around the pan so much. This was the best small set I could find among BH Cosmetics' ample offerings, but I do wish it had one less shadow brush and perhaps a spoolie instead.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

PPE = Swag for Nerds

I think I can get on this bolo necklace trend - even at work! Also, the lighting in my office sucks.

Monday, July 4, 2016

Current Mood: Goth Barbie

Shout out to the chest press machines at my gym and clever Snapchat filters for giving me the illusion of cleavage.